3 Reasons to Abolish the Death Penalty

The death penalty is a much debated option for criminals who have crossed the line. As people begin to change their views regarding life, many also want this law revised. The following are

three reasons to abolish the death penalty:


  1. Views on Redemption and the Afterlife


Many people have various religious beliefs regarding the afterlife. In fact, some people are certain that how one lives this life affects what will happen to them in the next one. By taking away a person’s chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of that particular religion, then people are taking away criminals’ hope. The criminal will die branded a murderer, etc. Many people don’t see one act as defining a whole life if the person pays penance or serves out a life sentence in jail doing good works. When the death penalty is issued, it prevents any sort of life after a heinous act. The person might be doomed, in the eyes of their religion and their own eyes, to continue to suffer for their crime in the afterlife.


  1. Rehabilitation is Possible


King’s University College in Edmonton, Alberta once featured interesting photographs on display at the university. At first glance, the people in the photos could be any citizen really. However, these men featured were special because they had been successfully rehabilitated after prison. They got out of jail and went on to live fulfilling lives as upstanding citizens. Many of them discovered new hobbies and occupations that they would have never dreamed of being possible when they were trapped in a life of crime. While criminals are far from victims, and some only get worse, the fact is, some people come out of prison better people. They find a reason to hope behind bars.


Some people get degrees from a university which change their outlook on life. And they are able to have a new occupation because they took the time to do their studies behind bars. While some men and women hustle for candy bars and play violent games like caged animals, others turn away from a life of pillaging to become productive and better people. Capital punishment prevents the chance that a butterfly will emerge out of the cocoon.


  1. Jail Provides Valuable Labor

Everyone knows that prisoners are not able to get rich behind bars. They have no access to the Internet or any means of making money. However, they do get enrolled in work programs where they give valuable service to the community. A lot of people think prison drains taxes, but these prisoners are all full-time workers. Every time the state executes a man, they lose someone who could do a lifetime of productive labor at virtually no cost. This keeps goods national instead of exporting goods that may have been made through slave labor and false imprisonment. If for no other reason than to benefit the economy, prisoners should live out a life working in prison rather than getting an easy out and just going to sleep for good.